About this Website

Thank you for visiting “KyotoU Future Commons”.

This website was aimed at disseminating the initiatives of Kyoto University, and the diverse educational and research activities of our researchers by linking them to social issues.

We made this website searchable by the 17 goals of SDGs or by keywords, so that companies, local government and the public can understand and become more familiar with our activities.

Social Issues such as aging society, environment and climate change cannot be solved through the efforts of universities and researchers alone.

We believe that it is important to collaborate with companies, local government and the public as a team to tackle these issues.

Please use the SDG targets, social issues and keywords of interest to you as a gateway to find out more about the University’s initiatives on this website. If there is a researcher you would like to know more about or a project you would like to participate in, please contact us using the contact form. We are also open to consultations on how to collaborate with researchers at Kyoto University.

To researchers at Kyoto University who want to promote their research

If you are interested in publishing your own research on this website, please contact us using the enquiry form.

What is “KyotoU Future Commons”?

At Kyoto University, which celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2020, a diverse range of researchers are conducting varied research and producing significant results, based on the spirit of “self-reliance and self-respect”.

The accumulation of diverse research results and the expansion of research networks will eventually lead to solve the social issues that the world is facing.

“KyotoU Future Commons” sees the research outputs and networks produced by the researchers as common capital for society. Its aim is to utilise them in the global community and link them to the future. The new connections formed in this way will generate further knowledge and create a future vision of “harmonious coexistence of global society”. We aim to be a place where such knowledge can circulate.

This website is operated by Kyoto University Research Administration Center (KURA).

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