Partnership agreement between the Field Science Education and Research Center and MOE-NCB

Field Science Education and Research Center(FSERC)

Kyoto University consolidated all of its field research facilities nationwide in 2003 to establish the Field Science Education and Research Center (FSERC). This organization conducts wide-ranging research and education in the field of Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans (CoHHO),” which addresses interactions among divergent ecosystems. As part of efforts to create “Regional Circulating and Ecological Sphere,” in December 2019 the Center entered into a partnership agreement with the Ministry of the Environment’s Nature Conservation Bureau (MOE-NCB), which is pursuing a “Project on Connecting and Supporting Forests, Countryside, Rivers, and Sea” project. By entering into this partnership agreement, FSERC aims to “revive connectivity from the forests to the oceans, drawing on their bounty to build a society that lives in abundance.” FSERC is collaborating with MOE-NCB to elucidate this connectivity scientifically and partner with citizens and regional communities in developing social activities, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the project. Going forward, the partners expect to expand cooperation for a sustainable society, applying the results of their research and projects in symposiums and other educational and awareness-raising activities for citizens.

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