Kyoto University ELP

Kyoto University Original Co., Ltd.

The Kyoto University Executive Leadership Program (Kyoto University ELP) is a leadership cultivation and training program for working adults, sponsored by Kyoto University. Based on a concept of “building true understanding and global vision for a new generation,” Kyoto University ELP participants receive a comprehensive education covering a wide range of disciplines, including the humanities, sociology, natural science, interdisciplinary studies and fine arts. The aim of the program is not only to impart leading-edge knowledge but also to inquire into true nature beyond time and space, thereby shaping the resolute world-view and unshakeable center the next generation of leaders will need. In addition to a core of Kyoto University instructors, scientists from other universities in Japan and elsewhere, as well as the head family traditional artists, are invited to teach. Students are leadership candidates gathered from industry, government and academia. Lectures focus on dialogue, in small classes to ensure thorough discussion.

Lecture in Tachibana Dormitory (residence of the General Secretary of the former Imperial University, built in 1911)


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