The Kyoto University Library Network Future Vision and Strategy 2020-2027

Kyoto University Library Network

This Vision, crafted by the Kyoto University Library Network, aims to clarify the goals for the University libraries named in the while respecting Kyoto University Library Network Regulations while respecting the autonomy and characteristics of each faculty and department. The goals are framed in terms of basic goals (goals for achievement), project objectives (key strategies) and project details (achievement plans) for all University library functions and major initiatives.
The basic goals outline specific issues for the Kyoto University Library Network to address over the eight-year period of the 2020–2027 academic years. In order of importance, based on the findings from the previous Vision, those basic goals are as follows:

  1. Promotion of open access and support for research activities
  2. Advancement of support for study and education
  3. Use of abundant academic resources to strengthen contribution to society
  4. Strengthening of the foundations for University-wide library functions

Under these four basic goals, the Kyoto University Library Network is promoting effective responses to the project objectives and project details, so that it can tackle issues with a clear understanding of the relationships between goals and projects.

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