Mountain health checkup : Partnership between FSERC and mont-bell

Field Science Education and Research Center(FSERC)

Kyoto University’s Field Science Education and Research Center (FSERC) collaborates with partners in personnel development, social contribution and preservation of natural ecosystems. With the aim of contributing to the development of a sustainable society, FSERC has entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement with mont-bell Co. Ltd.

This project marks the first research collaboration between the two partners under this agreement. Leveraging the strengths of both parties, FSERC and mont-bell are conducting a global survey with citizen participation. In one specific activity, called “mountain health checkup,” the partners are working with mountain-lovers throughout Japan to gather samples of mountain water from 1,300 sites nationwide. The water samples are tested to measure pH, electrical conductivity and inorganic nitrogen (ammonia nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen). Water quality in mountain streams is an indicator of a mountain’s health; by gauging conditions in mountains through this metric, researchers aim to learn how to do more to preserve nature in a healthy state. Through these activities, FSERC and mont-bell are joining with citizens to consider ways of protecting the natural environment in each region.

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