Participation in the USR Network

International Strategy Office Kyoto University(iSO-KU)

The philosophy of the University Social Responsibility Network (USR Network) is that “universities have obligation to work together to address the economic, social, cultural and environmental challenges in the world and to find solutions so as to make our world more just, inclusive, peaceful and sustainable. The USR Network was founded on this creed in Hong Kong in 2015 as an international collaborative network of universities, committed to the promotion of university social responsibility (USR). Today 20 universities worldwide participate in the USR Network, including Japan’s Kyoto University.
Activities of the USR Network include regular summits, social-partnership educational programs for university students, observation and training programs for faculty and staff, and disaster-preparedness activities. Kyoto University is an enthusiastic participant in the USR Network; in 2019 the University welcomed students interested in earthquakes, disasters and recovery from disasters.

USRN Summit 2022

Address by Kyoto University representatives (USRN Summit 2022)

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